So much more than a learner management system

BIS Trainer places people before process, so you can get on with doing what you love, and your learners will love what you do

A Full Feature Learning Management System

Learning Management

Training Record Management

Training Matrix

Classroom Calendar

A comprehensive learning and training deployment system with all features that a sound learning management system possesses including:

● Integration of SSO and API

● Compatibility with mobile

● Secure hosting through Cloud

● Enterprise-grade scalability

● Integrated engine for examination

● Advanced reporting tools access

A single central location to store and secure all your online and classroom training records.

By using our highly effective and advanced training record management system, you can easily upload records of employee training, including each certification copy, irrespective of the training provider. After uploading the records, send automated expiration alerts to your employees, managers, and supervisors, ensuring that your employee’s training always remains up-to-date.

● Certification management

● Auto archiving of records

● Expiration alerts

● Reports of training hours

● Update tools/ mass uploading of records

It can be challenging to manage your employee training, so what’s the solution? Automation!

By utilizing the BIS Training Matrix, you can easily upload your organization’s unique roles, topics for training, set requirements for training, and the courses for your employees. Additionally, assign training quickly and efficiently to thousands of your employees. Most metrics systems take plenty of effort and time for setup.

Setup Training Matrix in three simple steps:

● Enter the training topics and role of your company

● Specify those courses that meet the requirements of your training topics

● Set employee training as per requirements or optional training based on your employee’s location and role in your company

It’s as simple as that! Our system is designed to deliver the relevant training to every employee automatically.

Use our user-friendly tool to manage all kinds of classroom training quickly and efficiently.

Manage all your classroom training modules with the BIS online calendar tool. It enables you to take control of your classroom training by managing hundreds of classrooms, courses, and instructors across various locations.

● Management of classroom: Never make the mistake of double booking a trainee or classroom instructor again.

● Manage instructors: Self-registration with automated notifications reduces the administrative load.

● Integration of virtual meetings: Use Zoom for virtual meetings and arranging classes online by direct integration into your classroom calendar.

● Management of courses: By using the drag and drop courses feature, schedule your training events instantly.

Competency Management

By setting up competency validation, management can adequately assess students who pass the theoretical exam.

Multi-lingual Capabilities

Create your courses in different languages and automatically assign them to your students according to their language preferences.

Online Proctoring

Ensure that your employees focus on your assigned courses and complete them on time. Only a webcam is required, and BIS Trainer’s virtual proctoring feature does the rest.

Prerequisite Management

Set up your prerequisite requirements for classroom and online course training before accessing the next classroom or online training program.

Notifications & Alerts

When courses are completed, assigned, or expiring, keep admins and users updated through automated SMS or email notifications.

SCORM Compatibility

SCROM 1.2 and 2004 courses playback available, including advanced programs with navigation and sequencing.

Auto-Assignment of Training

By using Training Matrix, you can configure automatic online courses assignment when records of training expire.

Scheduled Reports

Schedule and generate automated emails with reports about upcoming expirations of training for topics and users.

Integration of Training Matrix

Update reporting of training gaps instantly by allowing updated training records to meet the training requirements.

Mobile Friendly

Access detailed records of employee training from any mobile device, including iPad, smartphone, or laptop.

Quick Upload

Upload thousands of training records instantly into the system directly through Excel – making the process of setup quick and easy.

Interactive Instructor Dashboard

By allowing employees to upload their records of training to their account directly for approval or review, you can significantly lower admin costs.

Auto Assignment of Training

With Training Matrix, you can set required or optional training based on your employee’s location and role. You can also assign training automatically on expiration or given intervals.

Gap Analysis

Using Training Matrix parameters, you can generate a detailed report of gap analysis indicating which work sites, departments, areas, and even individuals need support in their training.

Classroom Link

Allow employees to click on topics of training and automatically redirect them to a calendar that shows available sessions of classroom training meeting the requirements of the training topic.

Customize Options

Copy and paste roles specific to the company and nomenclatures. Also, upload hundreds of training topics and positions to your training matrix.

User-Friendly Design

Virtually map and identify requirements of training quickly across your entire company by using a user-friendly grid.

Global Access

Use any device to access the training matrix from almost anywhere through cloud-based technology.

Classroom Management

Easily manage classrooms by setting time zone, locations, giving specific notes, physical addresses for both instructors and students. Plus, you can list the equipment available.

Instructor Management

View qualifications and certifications of instructors, upload resume copies and other related documents, view their history of teaching, and more!

Course Management

Create courses for the classroom with detailed instructions, videos, images, and prerequisites and connect them to competency assessments and online courses to generate a certification.

Registration Management

Register learners through Excel upload or website and benefit from the functionality of our wait list to reduce missed opportunities because of cancellations.

Course Asset Management

Manage students’ tablets, workbooks, or physical inventory across the entire organization, whether within a classroom, instructor, or customer.

Competency Validation

Manage competency of all your employees across any topic of training by combining virtual training with practical training, classroom training, and supervised assessment of competency.