Workforce Management As It Should Be

EasyRoster Workforce Management software makes labour efficiency easy! Managers are able to quickly and easily schedule the correct number of staff, with the correct qualifications on the correct shifts at multiple locations. The system is able to provide full reporting and flexibility regarding business rules so that your organisation is in a position to improve labour efficiency and meet human resource requirements effectively. 

Achieve your objectives with EasyRoster

Contract Management

Personnel Management


Deployment Management

Easy Customer Management

As new clients are signed by your sales team all their pertinent contract information can be captured (and maintained) in Easy Roster allowing for easy reporting and comparisons on budgets, actuals, and requirements.

Easily manage and maintain personnel shifts, skills and allocations in seconds!

EasyRoster is your central location to manage staff information for each individual’s personal details, skills, shift allocations, wages and even their reviews.

With detailed reporting available to authorized users in the operations, management, and human resources areas of your business, EasyRoster will change the way you work!

The easiest way to schedule your staff!

Once personnel have been set up in EasyRoster, users can automatically Roster a site decreasing your time spent scheduling, from days to seconds!

Efficiency and productivity have never been easier!

Manage deployment in real time!

EasyRoster Deployment Manager empowers Operational Managers to manage staff deployments in near real time from the office!

Time and attendance details are recorded automatically into EasyRoster allowing management to ensure that the correct staff are on site at the correct times. With the power of the EasyRoster reporting platform at their disposal, it has never been easier to make efficient, productive decisions that have such an immediate effect on the bottom line!

Contract Details

Contract values are managed via EasyRoster and can be compared to planned or captured hours as they are registered, on a per site basis.


Specific personnel shift times and days are managed via an easy-to-use interface.


Wage-to-revenue target percentages are measured within EasyRoster.


Certain sites may have allowances for items which can be easily managed via the software.


Skills or required qualifications per site can be managed via EasyRoster.

Exceptions List

Exceptions and blocked staff can be managed via settings for various sites.

Personnel Information

Each individual’s information is managed and maintained in EasyRoster and can include identification, wage, employment date, grade and default site.

Skills and Qualifications

An ability to store, update and easily find relevantly qualified personnel skills for a site is one of the advantages of working with EasyRoster.


Each individual can be allocated to one or more sites depending on their shift patterns and skills.


Automatically assign staff who are allocated to a site according to their individual shift patterns for any period into the future.


EasyRoster can hold information on disciplinary hearings and evaluations for easy retrieval by management.


Operations and HR departments have access to a number of relevant reports to enable them to make efficient and easy decisions.

Per Site Scheduling

Scheduling of staff is done per location and can be completed manually or automatically.


Once automatic scheduling is complete, exceptions to the ‘rostering rules’ as specified by the shift patterns may be done manually.

Time and Attendance

Actual attendance is captured manually or automatically (using either the allocated roster and exceptions or the EasyRoster Deployment Manager).

Flexible Business Rules

Highly flexible business rules allow you to create parameters for items such as Grade/ Rank, wages, allowances, and the like.


Detailed reporting enables the management team to make decisions regarding optimisation of size of workforce, limiting overtime and having the correct grades or rank of personnel at various sites.


Limiting overtime and ensuring the correct deployment of the correct grade of staff is an inherent aspect of EasyRoster!


Operation of ERDM is brought about by personnel checking in and out of sites.  Either biometric, RFID or proximity card technologies may be used during the personnel checking process at a site.  ERDM is developed to interface seamlessly with existing reader technologies.


ERDM features functionality to proactively send notifications to identified users of various deployments.


If replacement staff is required at any time, EasyRoster enables a manager to identify a suitable person that can be deployed without earning overtime.


The use of biometrics ensures that the correct person is at site, while eliminating the possibility of ‘buddy checking’.  Once a person has checked in or out, the message will be relayed over a network to the location of the ERDM. 


EasyRoster integrates seamlessly with payroll systems as well as other industry-leading operational systems.

Minimise Wage Costs

EasyRoster and ERDM allow an organisation to streamline their labor force and reduce waste in their wage costs.