Safety You Can Depend On!

IntelliPERMIT is the software of choice for the world’s leading process manufacturing, resource and energy organizations needing to manage dangerous work in hazardous environments. This includes the control of control of work, isolation management, job hazard analysis and field level risk assessments where safety, reliability and efficiency are the highest priority.

Improve Safety, Efficiency and Visibility

Control of Work

Isolation Management

Risk Assessment


Trusted to manage over 360,000 controlled jobs a year.

IntelliPERMIT is built on a proven platform that offers flexibility and allows users to manage the control of work process from end to end.

Improved visibility of work in progress and controlled work interactions combined with efficient planning, preparation and work competency checks ensures a robust control of work application to increase team productivity and ensure the highest safety standards on your site.

Mobile, cross-referenced, template-based isolations.

Actively managing isolations in various high-risk sites, IntelliPERMIT Isolation Management scales from the simplest to the most complex environment.

IntelliPERMIT can provide early warning of potentially hazardous energy sources to workers and the control room and can also control the printing of isolation tags, as well as allowing mobile scanning of QR codes to verify that the correct equipment is being isolated.

Auditable, Mobile, Risk Assessment & Hazard Identification.

IntelliPERMIT’s mobile app and software includes job risk assessment (JRA) functionality. Teams are able to complete JRA’s in the field benefitting from the enhanced information and controls that are available with a computer-based system.

The additional benefits of templates, derived from the extensive IntelliPERMIT database relating to hazards, controls, and business rules, as well as the ability to manage daily Toolbox Talks within the platform make this an invaluable business tool for your environment.

Easy integration into existing systems!

IntelliPERMIT works across a number of operational areas to improve safety, efficiency and productivity. Many of those areas are supported by existing applications (for example SAP), which are easily and seamlessly integrated into IntelliPERMIT leveraging and magnifying the power of existing data.

Always Work Safely

Deviation from safety procedures can lead to near misses, injuries and even loss of life. IntelliPERMIT helps ensure adherence to business rules, risk management and controls from the very beginning of the control of work process, until the end.

Improved Productivity

IntelliPERMIT provides an efficient end to end management of the control of work process including planning, preparation, execution, testing and return to operation.

Competent People

Competency checks ensure that those working on site have the correct credentials and are authorized to work.


Improved visibility of work in progress and controlled work group interactions increases safety during simultaneous operations on site.


IntelliPERMIT data is consolidated and analyzed using various technologies to provide deep insights into plant safety and safe work behaviors.

Built By Users

IntelliPERMIT has been proven in multiple geographies and across many industries, with features having developed from user requests over many years.

Improving Discipline

IntelliPERMIT can be configured to proactively warn of abnormal conditions in the field or of procedural irregularities during work.

Improving Planning

An intrinsic feature of IntelliPERMIT is the safeguards to ensure isolations are put in place properly and that dependencies or conflicts between jobs in the same plant area are properly managed. Or even that temporary removal of isolations for testing (for example) is properly controlled.

Controlling Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)

IntelliPERMIT can control the printing of isolation tags, as well as allowing mobile scanning of QR codes in the field, to verify that the correct equipment is being isolated.

Early Warning

Through software supported isolations, IntelliPERMIT can provide early warning of potentially hazardous energy sources, to workers in the field and in the control room.

Standardized Lists

The standard lists provided are subject to the organizational workflow and include the isolation steps required to perform work on a specific piece of equipment and the general category of the equipment or task. The isolation lists may also include marked up P&IDs.


Isolation permits may be cross-referenced to create a hierarchy with logical dependencies, enforced by the rules of the business.

Controlling the Approval Process

Compliance is guaranteed as IntelliPERMIT controls the approval of each step in the JRA process to ensure that only trained and competent people sign off the risk assessment.

Cross Referencing a PTW

Increased efficiency and productivity are achieved through the reduction of duplication of work and inconsistencies by linking the permit and JRA electronically.

Predictive Hazard Identification

IntelliPERMIT leverages substantial data analysis tools to provide predictive hazard identification capabilities to suggest hazards for an area or scope of work.

Template Base Creation

Not only will IntelliPERMIT assist to ensure a smoother control of work process, it’s also packaged with a large number of templates to assist with work items (such as Job Risk Assessments) to have your team up and running as soon as possible


A configurable risk-rating matrix for mitigated and unmitigated risks, coupled with mobile job risk assessment, predictive hazard identification capabilities and the ability to link risk assessments to permits, results in a substantial decrease in organizational risk and greater efficiency.

Improved Communication

Daily toolbox talks can be managed from within the IntelliPERMIT platform.

Site Access Control

Integration into the site access control, as well as the competency information systems are easy to do and will ensure a smooth on-site arrivals process.

Training and Competency

IntelliPERMIT allows for a number of controls to be implemented to ensure that both employees and contractors are qualified, competent and have permission to be on site.

Project Management System

Integration of the permit and scheduling software, allows for preparation of permits in advance. This reduces wait time on arrival at site, improving efficiency. In addition, actual data from the permit system can be used to update the schedule information in “near real-time”.

Work Order Management

Enterprise Asset Management System data flowing into IntelliPERMIT provides many safety and efficiency benefits.


Carefully integrating the process control system with the permit to work system can improve the visibility of work in progress to process operators, providing early warning of abnormal hazardous plant conditions, enabling better coordination of production and maintenance and more.

IIoT Devices

RFID tags on equipment in the field can be used to confirm isolation points – and field sensors can assist with improving control and visibility on work being done.