Achieve Operational Excellence

In a competitive environment where increased worker safety and improving productivity are expected, OpSUITE is the gold standard for specialised software applications to support the management of complex industrial plant, mine or manufacturing environments.

Integrated Operational Efficiency

Operational Risk

Operational Excellence



Robust and flexible control of work

Manage operational risk by ensuring adherence to processes, business rules and proper controls in the field. Support and empower your workforce while reinforcing procedure, using OpSUITE’s intelligently designed digital solutions.

People first solutions designed to enhance productivity

OpSUITE’s suite of software is designed to assist in radically improving operational efficiencies through a reduction in waste, cost, loss and duplication. This in turn has a positive impact on operational performance and improved morale resulting in higher individual performance for staff and contractors.

Integrated risk management and compliance solutions

Increase compliance throughout your operation by coordinating deviation responses, streamlining auditing, and improving governance when you implement OpSUITE.

The foundation of superior organisational performance.

The range of OpSUITE solutions, support a number of practical processes found in a typical factory or complex manufacturing environment. OpSUITE is designed to make it easy to adapt and add new processes or modules in response to fast-changing business requirements. The result is a range of tangible benefits across your whole operation and ultimately, enhanced performance for your organization.

Flexible Workflow

Workflow processes in OpSUITE are flexible enough to be configured in exactly the same way you work.

Registers and Checklists

Easily add your registers and checklists, or even use our templates, to support processes such as audits, inspections, statutory registers and the like.

Digital Growth On Demand

OpSUITE’s Operational Risk solution works effortlessly with OpSUITE’s compliance and operational excellence solutions. Implement additional solutions as and when you need them.

Smart Escalations

Escalation of any non-conformance or abnormal events is done with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

Effective Control of Work

Control work across an entire site using a single system, reducing duplication, gaining operational efficiency and holistic oversight.

Built for Real Industry

OpSUITE modules are developed for the demanding requirements of a 24×7 modern control room. With a feature-rich long-term roadmap and updated mobile releases you can be assured of a scalable solution backed by a solid pedigree.

Digital Logbooks and Registers

OpSUITE makes it easy to capture and track on-site events in electronic logbooks and registers. The ability to track escalations, assign tasks, capture observations and even track approvals is all available in an easy-to-use system.

Effective Shift Communication

Good communication is essential to ensure safe and effective work. All aspects of shift communication and handover can be effectively and easily managed and tracked in OpSUITE.

Inspections and Audits

Regular inspections and audits are necessary to identify problem areas and maintain compliance. OpSUITE’s rich functionality is designed to support all your verification and assurance processes.

Operational Concerns and Requests

OpSUITE makes it easy to record observations, concerns and requests and have these consolidated into reports or escalated for attention where necessary.

Safe Instrumentation Maintenance

OpSUITE helps safely control instrument maintenance that requires the temporary disconnection of interlocks or hard-wired safety systems.

Designed for the Modern Control Room

OpSUITE is designed for the modern digital control room. OpSUITE features are practical having developed over time in response to requirements from operators facing real-world challenges.


Ensure you meet your statutory and legal obligations in the factory or workplace. Support your management system with digital tools specifically designed for the demands of managing compliance in complex industrial environments.


OpSUITE’s Contractor Compliance solution ensures that third parties and contractors comply with all pre-requisites and mandatory requirements as defined by your organization before they can perform work on site.

Quality Standards

OpSUITE’s active digital controls support the requirements of quality standards such as ISO45001 as well as other relevant industry standards. OpSUITE helps embed quality in the way people work.

Improved Productivity

Streamline and automate routine processes with OpSUITE’s intelligent digital solutions that improve visibility, efficiency and productivity across the operation.

Action plans and Issues

Log and manage non-conformance and issues detected, making sure that your improvement plans are properly tracked and implemented.

Compliance at the workplace

Ensure that compliance is built into the way people go about their work. Entrench your procedures and controls into the most important daily tasks.


OpSUITE is built on FlexiLOG, an industrial strength digital platform for automating many of the typical processes in complex industrial environment, increasing compliance, reducing risk and enhancing performance.


OpSUITE is designed to grow with your business. An exciting roadmap of new solutions and features are on the backlog and are built in collaboration with customers, leveraging best practices across the industry.


Imagine the benefits of a technology empowered workforce on your site, guided in their day-to-day activities using OpSUITE’s intelligent connected solutions.


OpSUITE is designed to be easy to understand by users of varying computer literacy. No hard to understand, abstract concepts – each solution is accessible and solves a specific challenge in a typical industrial plant or factory.


Coordinate multiple tasks such as routine maintenance, inspections and small projects involving teams and contractors on-site; OpSUITE brings all of this together in a single, integrated system.


Gain new insights with greater visibility of work in progress and activities on the plant; by your own teams or even third-party contractors.